About Us

Auto Express is a monthly magazine published and printed in Nepal, Passion and Expertise being its main theme focusing on auto-mobile sector. Auto Express is Nepal’s largest auto media for the automobile community for last 6 years. It has its presence across print, web & events. The brand has made its mission to cover a large array of automobile sector participants from small scale utility parts to every higher range of transportation vehicles. This concept of Auto Express helps its customer to take a rational decision among various available options. It also satisfies the taste bud with new innovation information and platform to share people’s views and test drives of automobiles. Targeted at auto enthusiasts, Auto Express strives to achieve excellence by keeping its reader abreast of every development that occurs in the ever-evolving automobile market. Not only do you get in-depth reviews of the hottest wheels, but also helpful tips, step-by-step guides and expert advice. With its highly interactive mediums spread out over various platforms, Auto Express makes sure that the young and passionate enthusiasts are hooked onto the magazine.